Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jim Beaver and his Fab Hats

It’s no secret that I love Jim Beaver. I first discovered him on Supernatural, but when I saw him in Deadwood, I really started to adore him. But now, with the rumors of a major death on Supernatural this season and his appearance as the Sheriff on Harper’s Island (where anyone could die at any minute), I live in constant fear that none of his characters will survive to the end of their shows.

TV Guide has a nice interview with Jim Beaver here, where he talks about his television shows and his new book, Life’s That Way, about his wife’s cancer.

See how great he looks in hats?

So, to sum up. He's a great actor, an author, and a nice person. And can rock a hat.

To the show-runners of Supernatural and Harper's Island: if you kill his characters, I might consider breaking up with you. You have been warned.

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