Sunday, April 12, 2009

Death Watch

It's that time of year again...when fans of "on-the-bubble" television shows take a collective intake of breath until May when the networks announce their next season line-up at the up fronts. What shows will come back and what shows will get the axe? And don't forget about the inevitable fan campaigns, when we all come together in a desperate attempt to save certain shows.

So far, I've heard rumors of cancellations for the following shows that I like:

Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles





Now if I had to choose just one (as Kristin over at E! asks you to do in her Save One Show poll), I would probably have to choose Terminator. Now, I know I can hear Jeff gasping from here and preparing to yell at me ("how could you not choose Chuck!?") but hear me out.

These past few weeks Terminator has upped the ante. Killing off a major character, moving other characters into the future, exposing secret benign motivations for characters we thought were villains...every episode of this show has left me with an OMG moment and wanting to immediately talk to someone else who watches it. Which means I call my brother in Michigan since he is the only other person I know who actually does watch it. And therein lies the problem. Nobody is watching the show. Sigh.

Dollhouse has also been on a role lately and has had it share of twists, but I just haven't gotten as invested. And Chuck is certainly entertaining, but if I can put off watching a new episode for more than a week without thinking twice, then the passion just isn't there.

I think it's telling that the second show I watched after my return from Nebraska for work (meh) was Terminator. After Friday Night Lights of course.

So is there a chance in hell Terminator will come back next fall? Probably not. But hope springs eternal. And hey, stranger things have happened. Friday Night Lights just got picked up for 2 more miracles are possible!

It's wrong to ship a teenager and a cyborg, isn't it?


7 comments: said...

If you want to help save those shows, I would recommend writing to the networks. I don't have the information for Sarah, Chuck, etc. but you can probably get it fairly easily at the network board. The networks will never know how much you'd like the shows to stay if you never tell them.

I do have Reaper's info though, if you would like to help out.

ADDRESSES (this works best, remember Jericho's second season):

Please consider taking a moment to send in a letter or postcard. Even a simple "Please Renew Reaper!" makes a difference.

30 Second Options:



Maggie Cats said...

Thanks for the info! Just to reiterate to everyone, sending something in snail mail (even if it's just a postcard) definitely has more of an impact. So now I need to run off and buy some postcards to mail to FOX...

dobber said...

most of those shows are expendable. The important thing is eastbound and down was picked up for a second season.

Jeff said...

How could you not pick CHUCK!?! There, I said it. And really, how....? I tried watching the first season of Terminator but just could not get into it. Now, on the upside, I've read that many people think that if Terminator gets a pickup so will Dollhouse. So there is hope there too. So you cross your fingers for those shows I'll keep my fingers and toes and anything else crossed for Chuck!

Annie said...

SCC is at the top of my list for a miracle pickup, followed closely by Life. I'm pretty sure the former is not going to happen (*sigh*) but I hear the NBC execs love Life so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Maggie Cats said...

Annie, I've never seen Life, so I can't comment, but I know lots of folks who love it. Maybe I'll catch up on DVD one of these days...

Jeff, I agree about Terminator and Dollhouse being tied together. If FOX decides to stick with their sci-fi friday night, I think both will get saved. Let the praying begin!

Dori said...

I've never seen Terminator. My vote would go to Chuck and Dollhouse. I love Chuck, and I really loves me some Adam Baldwin! Dollhouse IMO got off to a really rocky start, and to be honest, I might not have stayed past the first few eps were I not already a Joss fan. That said, I really think the show has picked up, and for the past several eps I've actively looked forward to watching it.

Unfortunately, I'm not a Nielsen house, so my viewing has no impact. Maybe they take note of what I tivo, though. (Sometimes I wish I could be a Nielsen house, my viewing habits would really screw with them... no reality shows! :P)