Thursday, April 16, 2009

When fandoms collide!

CSI is a show that I catch when I can. Usually on Thursday nights at 9pm, my DVR is hard at work recording Supernatural and The Office/30 Rock, so unless I can remember to set the VCR, CSI loses out.

But this week, I'll be sure to catch it. There's been a lot of internet chatter about this week's geektastic CSI Star Trek Battlestar Gallactica mash-up.

Here's the official expla:
Hodges and Wendy run into one another at a science-fiction where a TV producer is murdered. The two help in the investigation which reveals that the producer was re-making a beloved sci-fi series and giving it an ultra-violent twist that upset many devout fans.
Oh, awesome. There are sure to be many shout-outs for sci-fi fans, especially fans of the newer incarnation of BSG who are familiar with the controversy and ire that erupted four years ago when the news broke of the BSG's remake. According to TV guide, the episode was written by former Star Trek and Battlestar writers and features BSG's Ellen Tigh and creator, Ronald D. Moore.

Here's a cute interview with the guy who plays Hodges on the episode and how his character may finally act on his crush on fellow lab-rat, Wendy.

Well, well. It's always the quiet ones.


Monkey Sri said...

That's totes us at Comic Con this year :D

Except without the part where someone is gruesomely murdered ... fingers crossed!

Maggie Cats said...

Or the unresolved sexual tension. :o)