Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thoughts on the Latest BSG (spoilers for last week's episode within!)

Umm. What?

Ooooooh. Dude. That is…..woah. Also, ew!*

That was my reaction to last week’s Battlestar Gallactica. Because they pretty much laid everything out there; who created the Cylons, why the Final Five had been on Earth, why they had been interspersed in the fleet and kept a secret from the other models….yeah. The fact that it took me multiple viewings to get it might just be because I am kind of dumb, but we are talking about a lot of information here.

In case you’re still confused, I suggest you check out Jacob’s recaplet on TWOP (even though we are disagreeing on this season of Ugly Betty, he is still my go-to guy for BSG explanations).

And then! Right when I didn’t think it could get any crazier, they had JOHN HODGMAN (from The Daily Show and those Mac/PC commercials) show up as a brain surgeon. Ok. Random. And awesome.

Wait, wait. You want this guy to operate on my brain? This guy? No way, dude.

But just in case you’re worried that everything was answered in this episode, all I can say is “HAHAHAHA.” You didn’t really think they would do that, did you? We still don’t know who (or what) Starbuck is, or what is up with Daniel, the mysterious 7th model Cylon. Or know how everything will play out. Please be a happy ending, please be a happy ending, please be a happy ending…

If anyone has ever doubted that this is one of the best dramas ever on television, boy, were you wrong. And I find it interesting that we know that almost everything that has happened on this show occurred because Cavil decided to throw a tantrum because he wasn’t made the way he wanted. You know what, Cavil? Blow it out your ass. Nobody’s perfect.

* the ew comes from Cavil, who you remember screwed Ellen on New Caprica, and was essentially having some big oedipal moment by having sex with his mom. Since she created him and all the other 8 Cylon models. I KNOW.

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