Monday, February 23, 2009

Gay is the New Slightly Retarded

Due to a complete lack of a social life that would normally occur on a Sunday night, I had the distinct honor of watching last night's 81st annual Academy Awards. Overall the award show was...ok. I was happy to see all the congrats given to the cast/crew/and India for Slumdog. Below I want to highlight my favorite comments from the show.

1) The clothes were ok....that's it. I didn't see anything TRULY awful or AMAZING.
2) What was with the musical tribute. Did ABC get into a room and think, how can we get Vanessa and Zack Efron into the show? OH I know a musical tribute they can sing to! Blah, i like musicals and Beyonce was fun, but overall it was unnecessary
3) Ben Stiller was hilarious. I am usually anti bit humor but I LOVE when Hollywood mocks itself
Overall it was quite entertaining to watch Ben Stiller mock Joaquin (who has either lost it or is doing a hilarious bit).
4) Why was there a vampire presenter? Look I love Twilight....Others will vouch but Robert Patterson did NOT deserve to present ANYTHING at the Oscars.
5) Heath's Family was sweet and I am glad that it didn't go way over
6) My favorite speech last night was from was the Screenwriter from Milk who had a lot to say about the rights of the gay population still be held back. It was a great speech and exponentially better than Sean Penn.
7) MY FAVORITE moment was the comedy montage with Seth Rogen and James Franco. I loved they mocked Franco playing gay. That little bit was so the highlight.
8) I liked the new presentation method. For those of you who didn't watch, instead of having one person present for the supporting actor/actress and actor/actress awards they had a bunch of previous winners. I liked how personal it was address each nominee from the heart rather than showing a clip from the movie. I am a fan.
9) Gay is the New Slightly Retarded.....well this comment honestly came from my husband. That was his response to Sean Penn winning....and for some extenct it is true.

Overall I liked the show....what were your thoughts?


dobber said...

Does the Academy have some kind of rule where they can't actually give the best picture award to the actual best movie of the year?

The Multi-talented and Menially Employed, J.D. said...

I was pretty much thrilled to see a Seth Rogan pot sketch during the freaking Academy Awards. On Disney-owned ABC none the less.

Maggie Cats said...

I agree with almost everything you said, EXCEPT, I thought the Ben Stiller shtick was not funny. Also, he was hamming it up while poor Natalie was trying to get through the nominees, which I thought was kind of disrespectful to the people who were up for an award in that category. But I kind of think Ben Stiller is not that funny in general.

The James Franco/Seth Rogen bit was hilarious though.

Anybody else think the singing during the In Memoriam montage was unnecessary and distracting?

Whitney said...

not only that but you COULDNT see who the dead person was.....andrew and I were getting sick to our stomachs with the camera movement

Phil said...

It wasn't awful, but the Oscars are not as "must see" as they used to be.
Jackman was atleast a pretty lievely host, and the new presentation of awards was a nice touch.