Saturday, February 07, 2009

Not Secret NOT Boyfriend of the Week

This guy.

I felt torn over this guy. For one, it seemed that the writers of Ugly Betty were setting him up to be the big love interest of Season 3. He lived in Betty's building, was a musician, was adorable, sensitive, all that hipster crap.

But here's the thing. I never really liked him. He only wanted to talk about himself, would constantly interrupt Betty, and in general just seemed like kind of a douchebag. So I was torn, because I wanted to trust the writers, but I really didn't like Jesse.

But then! Last night! I was vindicated! Because it turned out Jesse actually IS a jerk. That he DOES only want to talk about himself. And Betty figured it out! It's all part of her learning to live in the real world or some other blah blah moral.

So, Jesse from Ugly Betty, for being a self-absorbed jerk, you are the NOT Boyfriend of the Week. Good riddance.

PS: This of course has nothing to do with the actor playing Jesse (Val Emmich) whom I am sure if a lovely person and is, as I mentioned earlier, adorable.

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