Friday, February 20, 2009

Now THAT'S How You Do a Romantic Interest

I was really worried for a while there with Ugly Betty this season since the writers gave her Jesse, the douchey love interest. But now things are looking up! First Betty realized that Jesse was a self-absorbed jerkface, and NOW it seem like she's being paired up at YETI with the uber cute Matt.

And people, Matt is adorable. Quite possibly the cutest thing since Christopher Gorham. And that is saying something.

Check him out:

He looks like Josh Groban, but with less hair. I wonder if he's a good singer?

Anyhoodle, he's cute, tall, clearly likes our girl, babbles adorably, and is clearly somewhat geeky. So he meets all the TV Slut criteria for a romantic interest. Good for you, Matt! And thanks, writers! I'm always happy for a new ship to board and this one looks inviting.

Also, Molly: pregnant or has some life threatening illness? Her doctor's visit looked pretty serious, but obviously pregnancy is the first thing that comes to mind in a show like this. But I have a feeling it might be cancer or something like that...what do you think?

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Monkey Sri said...

I'm calling it ... terminal brain cancer.

And I finally caught up on UB eps - Matt is adorkable! I approve.