Friday, August 01, 2008

Puppy Love

Some people think that the best part of The Super Bowl is the match-up between the two best football teams. Others think it's the commercials. And I suppose there are those who think it's the show that airs AFTER the game, when the hosting network rolls out it's most creative and explosive episode of a prime-time hit.

All those people are wrong.

The real best thing about The Super Bowl is that it means Animal Planet will be airing Puppy Bowl. Which is the most entertaining, cutest, most awesome thing ever. And now, in honor of the Olympics, Animal Planet is rolling out:

Puppy Games.

Competitive cuteness! With an initial airing on August 8, Animal Planet promises that we will get sports ranging from "swimming to gymnastics."

Puppy gymnastics???? *dies of cuteness*

For my money, the puppy to watch is Mojo, the beagle, bred in England. But I am a sucker for beagles. Also looking promising is Abby, the maltese. But these bitches better all bring it. I will definitely be watching.

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