Friday, August 08, 2008


This week, I finally felt like Project Runway got back on track. Not that it was "off track" really, but it just didn't feel like the PR we know and love. I blame the contestants, mostly because they seem far too aware they are on a television show and want to create a "character," but also because they are not able to look beyond their own design perspective and put some real creative stuff on the runway.

Case in point: Jennifer. She is girly, and feminine. But the challenge was to create something for a female Olympic athlete! Who are, let's face it, butch. And also representing America. So what about this says Olympics?

Answer: nothing.

But what was great, is that the judges did not let her get away with it. Their critique was really on point this episode, and Jennifer went bye bye.

The winning look was cute and chic, but my favorite was actually Leanne's. I know it's totally impractical for China in August, but I just loved it.

It just looks like classic American sportswear, "chilling at the country club after playing tennis" to me.

So welcome back PR, I missed you!

PS: I have now decided that Blayne must go. As soon as possible. 1) He dissed The Beatles and didn't even know what Tim meant when he described something as too "Sergeant Pepperish." 2) He is making "holla at your boy" a phrase. So he must die. Stop trying to make "fetch" happen, Gretchen!

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