Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Young people don't know anything. Especially that they're young."

Oh, Don Draper. How I've missed you!

Welcome back to Mad Men, fellow tv sluts! It's been almost an entire year since we last visited Sterling Cooper Ad Agency, and I for one am glad to be back. It's 1962, and we've skipped ahead, what? A year? A year and a half? Something like that. The point is, time has passed.

Things have changed since last season; Don's revelation regarding the importance of his family in last year's season finale means that he goes home right after work and seems to have cut out the cheating. Although only time will tell on that one. Unfortunately for him, he seems to be having a bit of trouble in the, umm, bedroom department. Hearing Betty's, "it's alright, we have all night" reassurances was hard to take, especially since Don has always been the epitome of manliness on the show. Although that's probably the point.

Speaking of Betty, I love the idea of her harnessing her sexuality and using it, not necessarily as a weapon, but definitely as a way to up her power. After seeing her breakdown last season, it's nice to see her out and about (riding horses, etc...a metaphor perhaps?) and not trapped in the kitchen. I hope this doesn't mean she'll start a secret life as a call girl though, because I'm pretty sure that's already being done on another show. Also, I'm sure people will object to her using her sexuality to get what she wants, but you know what? She doesn't have a whole lot of other options. So I say, you go girl. Although that run-in with the mechanic could have easily turned into the plot of a CSI:1962, so she needs to be careful. Blatant flirting with a tow-truck driver on a deserted road at night is probably not the safest way to get your jollies.

The most interesting character change thus far though has been Peggy. She's a full-fledged copy-writer now, and is sitting at the table with the rest of the boys. She's definitely standing up for herself, and her talking down of Don's new assistant was priceless. Perhaps she's been taking lessons from Joan (one of my other favorite characters). We didn't actually see the two of them interact this episode, but I think their relationship has definitely changed. Joan on one hand told the new assistant to respect Peggy, but then turned around and stuck the copier in Peggy's office. Interesting. Maybe Joan is jealous of Peggy's moving up in the company while is she still only in charge of the secretaries?

Also, there was some definite awkwardness with Peggy and Pete, which was inevitable. He has no idea she was pregnant, and we have no idea what happened to her baby. I assume she put it up for adoption, but who knows? I cannot WAIT for when Peggy tells him the truth. Fat farm, my ass. Pete is such a douchebag. Even the actor's connection to the Buffyverse (what up, Connor?) can't save him from my wrath.

So much happened in this episode, but the interesting thing is, it was all in the characterization and in the things people said (and didn't say) to one another. In terms of actual action, there seemed to be very little going on, but it's all broiling under the surface. The biggest news is probably the arrival of the new copier in the office, who knows what repercussions that will have? Well, I suppose the hiring of a bunch of 24 year old copy-writers will make some waves, but we'll have to wait and see.

By the way, Ken, Paul, and Harry are all still totally interchangeable to me. Although Paul (or Harry?) has the beard now, so at least that will help. But Salvatore has the real beard, if you catch my meaning.

PS: Cut-throat Bitch (a.k.a. Amber) is back on the show after her untimely death on House! Woot!

Welcome back, CTB! Love her.

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