Tuesday, August 19, 2008

But seriously, look at the hair.

I first saw an ad for TNT's new legal drama, Raising the Bar, in a movie theatre before seeing The X-Files. Or as I like to call it, "I don't care how lame the plot is, David Duchovny is still pretty so leave me alone. Oh, and yay Skinner!"

I can objectively tell you that this looks like it will be a good show. It has J. August Richards from Angel, Jane Kaczmerek from Malcom in the Middle (and is also lucky enough to be married to Bradley Whitford), Gloria Reuben from E.R., etc. etc. etc. It appears to follow in the vein of Law and Order with a focus on the legal side, and I am sure it will be well-written and well-acted.

But none of these things were on my mind when I saw the trailer in the movie theatre. Because the first thing that ran through my mind was, "that man has the worst hair I ever seen." After snickering to myself about the supposed leading man's hair, I was hit with a lightning bolt revelation.

The leading man, he of the terrible coif, was none other than Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Also known as Zach Morris.

I was shocked. "Zach! What have they DONE to you?" I cried. I literally shouted it out in a crowded movie theater. People around me gasped and began whispering, asking if it really was Zach Morris. And the consensus was yes, it was.

How bad is it? Observe.


It's not a mullet, but it's just....lank and long and it hangs there on his face. It looks like the haircut some young starlet has in a movie before she gets it styled, takes off her glasses, and reveals herself as a hottie and everyone is SO SURPRISED, because girls who wear glasses can never be attractive. It's just....bad. No, it's a travesty, a sin, an abomination. TNT has taken the man who epitomized cool for an entire generation and made him look ridiculous.

I'm not saying I won't watch the show, but it's going to be difficult to get past the hair. Oh, and that line in the commercial where he's in some dude's face and goes, "you really going to hit a lawyer?" is REALLY awful. Of course he is going to hit a lawyer, most people WANT to hit a lawyer. But I do want to give the show a chance.

But seriously, look at the hair. File this one under, what were they thinking??


Anonymous said...

I can truthfully say Jane Kaczmarek is the only woman I have ever been jealous of in my whole life!

Maggie Cats said...

I know! Not only is she funny, attractive, a great actress,but she gets to go home to Bradley Whitford every night. That bitch.

Just kidding! Love you, Jane!