Friday, July 25, 2008

No, Will, no!

I've mentioned my new obsession with So You Think You Can Dance several times on this blog, but Wednesday night things hit new heights when I realized I loved all the male dancers and didn't want any of them to go home. Especially not Will or Twitch. And then guess what happened?

America let me down.

I mean, America would have let me down no matter who got sent home, but I could probably have dealt with losing Mark better than losing Will. Even if Mark does eerily resemble Orlando Bloom.

But, not Will!! I love him. He's awesome. And of course, he got sent home.

Now, I'm not saying I'm a dance expert, but when it comes down to it, Will was probably the most talented dancer in the competition. Even to an untrained eye like mine, that was pretty clear. But this is a show where America votes, so things like who is actually the best don't matter that much.

And at least it's not like America hated Will. America loved him. Someone had to go though, and I guess it was just his time. Boo!

My new pick for the winner of the show: Twitch. Katee or Chelsea could definitely win, but I think more women watch this show and are probably more likely to vote for a guy. Especially a cute guy.

Bye, Will! I'll miss you! Call me!

Seriously, how precious is he?

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