Monday, July 14, 2008

Cotton Candy of Television

I know I ranted about reality television only a few short months ago...but, it's summer! I need my fluffy, no-brain reality tv programs! And it started out small. When Design Star came back, I had to watch it. And as I was waiting for Project Runway to start, I decided to check out Shear Genius. Oh, and My Life on the D-List of course. AND then everyone seemed to be talking about So You Think You Can Dance. AND THEN I discovered Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares on BBC America...

I think I need an intervention.

I'm just not sure how it happened. I think it might be Bravo's fault. Because it was Bravo that started it all for me with Project Runway (I have never been a fan of American Idol btw).

Bravo is like that high school kid who hangs out near your middle school and tries to sell you some weed. "Just try it," he says, as some stray pieces of brown hair fall across his eyes, obscuring his face and making you think, "wow, this guy is way cooler than I will ever be." "You'll like it and it doesn't taste bad. Come on, you want to act like a grown-up or like a little junior high baby?"

Well, duh. I want to be a grown-up! So I will watch your pre-packaged, high sodium content, ramen noodle television shows. When the weather becomes so hot and humid that I can literally feel my hair frizz as soon as I step outside, I will switch my brain off and just be entertained. And you know what? I am tired of defending myself. I embrace the reality shows I watch. In fact, in the summer, I cling to them.

After all, it makes me feel better to know that there are A LOT of people dumber than me. And I don't even watch those crap-ass game shows the networks are rolling out. Moment of Truth? REALLY?

Matt, my pick for this season's HGTV's Design Star. Love him!

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Monkey Sri said...

You're fine, as long as you don't start watching those dating shows. Well, some of them are OK... but I draw the line with Tila Tequila. Her show is like a petri dish full of chlamydia. It should be called "Shot Of Antibiotics with Tila Tequila."