Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sing WITH me and Joss!

So, only 2 acts of Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog have been posted online but I'm hooked. I had intended merely to stream them from the website and wait until the stellar DVD (they're talking about doing a musical commentary in addition to a regular commentary). But when Act 1 went live on Tuesday the sites crashed. And the only way to get my fix was iTunes. But hey, $3.99 is not a bad price for Joss!

I'll admit I've never been a Neil Patrick Harris fan. I've only seen one ep of How I Meet Your Mother. And I was never a Doogie Howser fan but NPH is PERFECT in this role. In fact, everyone is perfectly cast. Sure I knew Felicia Day from Buffy but I think I might have to check her out on The Guild (and being both a nerd and a WoW player I can't believe I haven't done so already).

The story is nice but its the music that makes it all, of course. I keep watching and re-watching Act 1 because I love the opening tune. It is absolutely stuck in my head. Now, someone mentioned she thought that musically it was rather simplistic and at first I agreed. Joss is a word-smith first and foremost and his lyrics show this. But I love the musical layers.

I did not grow up on musical theater so when I first heard Jesus Christ Superstar it was the start of something but then I found Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables and Rent. And the way these musicals layer lyrics on top of lyrics, music on top of music, and theme on top of theme astounds me. Watching Anthony Stewart Head and Amber Benson sing their "duet" in Once More With Feeling is rewarding but seeing NPH and Nathan Fillion then NPH and Felicia Day do it is marvelous. I can't wait until Saturday. At least I'll have Dark Knight to distract me. Until then... SING WITH ME!

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