Thursday, November 17, 2011

What the world needs more Carl Kasell

There are many reasons to love BBC America: Doctor Who, Top Gear, all those crack-tastic British tv shows they bring to the airways. But now there's another one.

They are broadcasting a live telelvision version of NPR's Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me.

Apparently, BBC America is working to create more shows in cooperation with American networks (radio and television) so we get a very special holiday tv version of Wait Wait right before Christmas. December 23 to be exact.

I'm a pretty devoted listener of the Wait Wait podcast (although I have fallen a bit behind, I must confess). I love hearing Carl Kasell try to impersonate women's voices, and it's nice to know that Paula Poundstone has still found work after her hey-day passed in he 1990s. I'd say it's the kind of show that people from all generations can enjoy, but then you'll think it's fussy and boring and won't listen or watch...but yeah, it really has cross-generational appeal.

So I'll be tuning in December! But I'm a little nervous to see what two of my favorite radio personalities actually look like (Peter Sagal and Carl Kasell). I remember when I found out what Ira Glass looks like...I was shocked as hell.

Ok, well Carl Kasell pretty much looks exactly like I thought:

Maybe some day he will record the message on my home phone answering machine! Too bad I don't have one of those...

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