Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Love me Some Glee...and Ireland (Spoiler Alerts)

Well I know I didn't write much about the past episodes of Glee, but I have been loving this season. Each episode has been full of fun plot and great songs including a lot of musical numbers. This weeks episode, though lacking in the musical theater, was also fun.

First of all DAMIAN! We knew it was Damian's first episode because it was called pot o gold. For those of you who for some reason or another didn't watch the Glee Project, Damian was one of the first place winners who won a 7 episode arc on Glee. Last night he starred as Rory the Leprechaun. I am so glad they didn't make him do a fake american accent AND gave him two songs. I thought his rendition of "It's not easy being green" was great. My friend Michelle on FB commented this morning that that whole sequence was reminiscent of a similar scene in Grease 2, where the dorks sings about being the outcast. Duly noted, and she is right, it looked like that scene.

Damian's acting may have been slightly sub par, but I like them bringing him as a younger exchange student crushing on Britney.

The rest of the songs were ok. Puck did another guitar number and spent an entire scene talking about pools shirtless again. Mercedes did yet another Christina Agulaira number (though I know Candyman is a throw back to Bugle Boy). It wasn't great as the rendition of Beautiful but it was peppy. Much like the Katy Perry number.

Overall I liked the episode. I will point out however, that they are going overboard in how kid like and dumb Britney is. At this point, she should be in special needs classes, especially if she thinks her cat poops candy bars. I am excited Mike O Malley is back! He is one of my favorite characters. Though I still expect him to ask the glee kids to climb the Agro Crag. Let's hope he gets elected to congress!

The new romance?? Meh, I find it creepy, but I am reminded of all the fun we had when Pacey his teacher :)

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Maggie Cats said...

I really liked Rory as a new character (keep that charming smile going, kid), but thought his songs were a bit weak. Actually, other than Candyman I thought the songs were kind of off all episode. And Katy Perry again? Eh.

Brittany does not need special ed...but remember, there is NO special ed at McKinley! And now it all makes sense. :o)