Thursday, November 17, 2011

News-y Update! Bryan Fuller's Munsters Is On!

As we "reported" about a year ago, Bryan Fuller of Pushing Daisies fame has been developing a reboot of the classic TV show The Munsters. News came in today that it's now official: NBC has picked up the Pilot. The full story is here.

I've said before, I'm completely in favor of this. Bryan Fuller is kind of like the family-safe version of Tim Burton; an alternate reality version of the man where instead of growing up hiding in his room because he was frightened of suburbia, he actually had a circle of friends in high school. Fuller has proven himself really adept at mashing up sweet and innocent with a really wicked dark streak underneath it all. I'm looking forward to seeing how "striking visuals mixed with classic archetypes" plays out for him in this case.

Fuller, seen here accepting bets on how often the word "kooky" gets used in the first episode.

The natural question to ask, obviously, is who is the world could possibly take the role Herman Munster and do it seriously. Fred Gwynne was that role for so many people and there just aren't a lot of actors out there with the right physicality because Hollywood is convinced for some reason that every person must be between 5'5 and 5'10. Although I could see Christopher Lloyd doing a pretty awesome Grandpa.

And seriously. Hire Betty Draper as the scary one. We all know it's a perfect fit.

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Maggie Cats said...

I read about this and rolled my eyes, but THEN I read that Fuller was doing it and I have high hopes.