Friday, September 16, 2011

Television in Thailand

Well, I thought when I moved abroad I would be making a lot of sacrificing. But the one I was dreading the most (and this includes my husbands lack of employment) was the lack of television! I am a TV SLUT! However, I have been pleasantly surprised. My husband claims the cable here is made for me. StarWorld and Fox, the main stations that play syndicated shows, run How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory and GLEE constantly. I have yet to come home and not been able to watch Glee (the things that truly test a marriage :)).

However, more recent television shows were sticky at first. BUT where there is a will there is a way. **Hypothetically speaking** IF we had a proxy server we could access hulu and IF there were existing sites that stream shows about a day later than I could be up to date on most shows :) I love the internets. **Hypothetically speaking**

The one thing is the lack of tivo makes me forget my shows. I am told the tvguide website has a way you can set up reminders, so I am working on that. However, it is really hard to commit to new shows. I am dying to watch The Ringer, but concerned about the time implications on the computer.

So...this American in Thailand will have a posting on the season premiere of Vampire Diaries in the very near future.

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