Thursday, September 22, 2011

Girl Powah!

Still reeling from my disappointment (and let's face it, rage) with the Plaboy Club, I approached the other new Tuesday shows with trepidation. Would they disappoint as well? Could 2 Broke Girls live up to Monkey Sri's positive review months ago? Could New Girl possibly live up to the hype from the ever-present ads??

Luckily they were both good, hurray!

Let's start with 2 Broke Girls. I'll refer to Sri's review which is pretty much spot-on. In case you missed it--two girls end up working together in a diner; one a down-on-her-luck gal familiar with living on a budget, the other a former little rich girl whose entire trust fund was lost when her Dad pulled a Bernie Madoff.

While I found the laugh track EXTREMELY annoying, the sitcom format works well for the show and it actually had kind of an old sitcomy vibe to me--which was a good thing. Think Alice or the episodes of Roseanne where she was at work at the mall diner. And while Sri noted the odd couple thing has been done to death--it didn't really seem that odd couply. Sure, the one girl is an upper east sider at heart, but at the current time in the show she's dead broke.

The show has a lot of heart and while I may not have laughed out loud at the jokes, most of them were amusing and the entire cast is really likeable. You'd be surprised how much I am willing to forgive in a show where I actually like everyone involved in it. Especially when there are so many shows with people I loathe. Only a couple jokes actually feel completely flat, and if I can get past the laugh track this one could be a definite keeper.

In spite of the health code violations, I would totally eat in their diner.

And for our next girly show...we have New Girl with Zooey Deschanel. Usually I find her quirky adorable schtick annoying, but I have to say everything about this show works. It's the perfect vehicle for Zooey, who comes off charming without being too twee. Although I leave it to you to judge where this falls on your own personal Zooey tolerance scale. The three guys she ends up living with are all also their own distinct brand of funny, including Max Greenfield who you might remember from Veronica Mars.

In fact, I am going to give Max Greenfield a special shout-out for his work in the pilot; he walked a very fine line between douche and genuinely nice guy. And the douchey part is on purpose, it's kind of a plot point how his character has to fight his douche-like tendencies. But the entire cast is stellar, and the best thing I can say about the show is that it's actually funny. I LOLed numerous times during this one and was impressed at how strong it was for a pilot.

So two thumbs up for 2 Broke Girls and New Girl, and in the case of the later, two very enthusiastic thumbs up. Check them out!

They are actually this cute on the show too.

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