Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Well...that was actually not too bad!

As much as I love anything Buffy, I have to confess that Sarah Michelle Gellar was never my favorite thing about Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Maybe I've just never given her enough credit...but I always found the supporting cast, the writing, the plots, and a whole bunch of other stuff more interesting than Ms. Gellar herself.

So going into Ringer I didn't really have high hopes. I was definitely going to tune in (like I said--it was Buffy related), but I was kind of cringing inside at the thought of whether the show was going to work.

Caroline (another Buffy fan) and I decided to kick-it old school and live-chatted the premiere. It felt like old times, i.e. the times before we had anything more interesting to do other sit on our asses and watch tv and just chat. Oh, wait, I still don't have anything more interesting to do. Anyway, I think we both came to same conclusion regarding the show which in a nutshell is: it's promising!

To my surprise, I really enjoyed it. Sure, the writing and exposition was heavy-handed at times, but I found myself shocked to discover that SMG did a great job with the dual roles. There were also lots of other actors to enjoy in the show (Richard Alpert from LOST, that tall cute guy from Life Unexpected), and there were some neat twists to the plot. I think it's going to end up like Gossip Girl for grown-ups and how is that not a good idea?

The use of mirrors was somewhat over the top though. They might want to cut back on that.

In case you missed the premiere of Ringer last night (which came very early in the season), the CW is reairing the show on Friday night. And of course there are all the On Demand and online options. If you're a fan of Buffy, SMG, or twisty character dramas I would recommend that you give it a look.

And Caroline and I are definitely sticking with it--because in the coming weeks we get LOGAN ECHOLLS.

Good looking people, good acting, neat should check it out!


Cheryl said...

Honestly, I'm probably going to give up on it. I didn't see the same potential y'all did, just a bunch of cheese and bad special effects. But like you said -- Logan Echolls. I guess I have to stick it out a little while longer. Maybe it'll get better?

Maggie Cats said...

I still thought last night's episode was pretty good so I'll be sticking with it. And I find it kind of hilarious how Bridget keeps accidently foiling the evil twin's plans just by, you know, staying alive.