Thursday, September 22, 2011


Well, last night I was able to catch the season premier of Glee! Let's be honest right away. I was negative about season two. I was upset about the "reworkings," the lack of character depth and the "theme episodes." Overall I felt they over did it and lost a large viewer base. HOWEVER, I noticed A LOT of improvement last night.

Some of the bad remained, for instance the plot whip-lash was still there. Mercedes and Sam (the relationship that never started) was announced over-with in the first 3 minutes and she "had met someone new over the summer." Quinn..well I hope they develop the punk rock make over more in-depth during the season. For my three degrassi fans, Quinn pulled an Ashley Kerwin by switching from popular to punk overnight. Additionally, we lost Lauren and Sam like they were nothing members all last year. Very...annoying, because Lauren was a character a lot of girls looked up to and I am hoping she is brought back.

Now onto some good! The music was great. I was happy that on top of some ROCKIN go-gos, we also got 3 (yes three) separate musical theatre selections (4 if you include the Wicked Witch number, which I have not researched). It was nice to hear Glee sampling classics like Anything Goes and Annie Get Your Gun in new ways, as well as, nailing Hairspray's You Can't Stop the Beat.

Last night also worked in our first (and I hope of many) scene with a member of the Glee Project. For those of you who didn't follow the show on Oxygen, it was a competition for a spot on Glee. In true Glee Fashion, practically everyone was a winner. Including, Lindsay who BELTED the Anything Goes/Annie Get Your Gun Mashup. One of the problems they had with her on the Glee Project was that she reminded them too much of Rachel Berry, BUT the writers truly made it work. They created a room full of theatre nerds and over the top gay theatre fans to show that Rachel and Kurt aren't all that unique.

I am curious where they will take the Santana plot since she was kicked out of Glee for not being committed. I love the character so I would hate to see her go. Feel free to add your comments!


Maggie Cats said...

I did not watch the Glee Project, but I love that they actually put some of those kids into the plot! And you're right, they definitely made the girl was like Rachel work. I pretty much agree with everything you said. I have to admit though, I will really miss Sam and Lauren. I liked both those characters a lot.

Household 6 said...

Wait....where did Lauren and Sam go? Was there an explanation? I must have missed that in the beginning of the episode. I had noticed they were missing and couldn't figure it out. Sam got his own urban dictionary listing with Trouty Mouth! Well, maybe Santana deserves credit...but STILL, they can't take away Trouty Mouth!