Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pegg/Frost Biopic Buddy Comedy

There are so many things to get me excited about the upcoming movie Paul. First off, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, together again after Shaun of the Dead (the only "horror" film I will ever own) and Hot Fuzz (number one bromance of all time). Plus, they play British - yay - uber-geeks - double yay - who come to America for Comic-Con - triple yay with a cherry on top!

Here's the thing - while on their epic road trip, the duo meets up with "a little green alien named Paul." Aaaaaaand you lost me. I have nothing against aliens (my mother was one for years, ha ha). I love me some Doctor Who (9 and 10 for sure, jury's out on 11), and I've been a loyal Trekker since forever. But little green CGI men kind of leave me cold. Although I will say this - if anyone can make it fun and funny, Pegg and Frost can. I've got high hopes, guys... don't let me down!

For more info, check out these links (via Simon Pegg on Twitter):
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