Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Apparently, the moon hasn't set quite yet.

Did you know that the CW has been rerunning Moonlight this summer? I sure didn't, until I noticed on my tv guide. All I can say is, whaaa?

The show originally aired on CBS in 2007-2008 in the Friday night timeslot of death. I totally watched it though, because it had vampires, Veronica Mars' Jason Dohring, Doctor Who's girlfriend...and I liked it. But I didn't love it. But I know a lot of people did and the show developed a very loyal cult following. But of course it got axed (er, staked?) and it was very sad and we moved on. Or at least some of us did. I believe SyFy aired the first season for a little while and the masses, they were appeased.

And now CW has decided to show it on Thursday nights this summer. I guess it makes some kind of sense; CW does have their popular and inexplicably awesome Vampire Diaries, so you've got the vampire connection there. But other than far as I know Moonlight didn't star anyone currently in a CW show. Maybe the same corporation that owns CW owns CBS? Or the CW corporation produced the show? Either way, it is somewhat perplexing.

But really, who cares? More vampires on tv and more Jason Dohring? Sign me up. The DVR, it is set.

And since that picture of Jason Dohring is way to scary...I give you the following eye candy:
Ah, that's more like it.


Caroline said...


I actually just watched the episode of Lie to Me that he guest-starred in ... and zoinks, that boy can do creepy. I had to watch a chaser before i went to bed. God, why doesn't he get more work??

Maggie Cats said...

Oh, I missed that one (the Lie to Me ep). Do you know which one it is? I bet I can find it on Hulu...

Caroline said...

It's called "Beat the Devil." May or may not have been the season premiere ... regardless, he was chilling. But also hot, as always. (Actually, that's kind of a plot point. Interesting...)