Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pillars of the Earth

Do you get Starz? I don't. Which is unfortunate, since it means I won't get a chance to see their new mini-series, The Pillars of the Earth, which debuts Friday night at 10pm.

Before we get into that, here's a little story. About two years ago, I decided that I wanted to get into audiobooks. Lots of people I know like audiobooks, and I spent quite a bit of time commuting, so I thought it would be a good idea. I made my way through the Harry Potter and Twilight audiobooks (Jim Dale, obviously, rocks my socks) and I was ready for something else. I had recently read about a book called The Pillars of the Earth, and thought, "why not?" Imagine my surprise when I picked up the audiobook from the library and discovered that it was (drumroll please) 33 discs. Yeah, that's right: 33 DISCS. Well, it took me awhile (as in weeks), but I finally got through it, and ended up utterly engrossed in Ken Follett's epic medieval tale of cathedrals and the people who love them, er, build them. There's a large number of interesting characters, and their lives all intersect in twisty turny ways.

So I was delighted when I heard that Starz would be adapting the novel into a tv mini-series. Or at least I was delighted until I remembered that I don't get Starz and don't know anyone who does. Crap.

When Starz's other buzzed about show, Spartacus: Blood and Sand, first aired they put the episodes up on Netflix instant watch. But I haven't seen anything that would indicate that's the case here (although to be fair, I can't get to Netflix at work where I am writing this blog post. Quiet about that last part). So I guess I'll be waiting until the DVD comes out for this one...which is a bummer because 1) it looks like it might be awesome based on this review, and 2) it has Ian McShane, one of my favorite people EVER. It does look like you can watch the first episode online at Starz's website here, so check it out.

Fair warning though: a lot of the plot revolves around taking some basically good people and seeing how much shit the author/producers can throw all over their lives. I wouldn't say this is a real uplifting story. But that means there is plenty of opportunity for violence and all manner of cable-appropriate happenings. To which I say: if it doesn't include violence, adult situations, adult language, and nudity, why bother watching?

Ian Mcshane: Awesome guy, TERRIBLE haircut. Seriously. Even by medieval standards that is some effed up hair.


Priya said...
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Priya said...

Just an FYI in case you didn't see it but the series is on Netflix instant. I watched the first 2 hours over the weekend. They're doing a decent job (but I mostly love teh casting of Prior Philip with Mathew Macfadyan (spelling?).

Maggie Cats said...

Thanks for the heads up, Priya! I'll be watching it then, woot!