Saturday, June 12, 2010

Secret Girlfriend of the Week: Supermom!

Tami Taylor from Friday Night Lights, y'all. She's a force of nature.

Mother's Day may have been last month, but I just can't help but love a woman who is essentially a supermom. Not only is she the principal of a high school in Texas, but she is raising two kids (and trying to keep in line a husband who will do anything for the football team he coaches), and is also dealing with a school and booster group who hates her guts because she did the right thing by abiding by redistricting regulations.

Her life is rough.

But she handles it all with grace, wisdom, and most of all, sticks up for herself at every opportunity. Even when the entire student body booed her at a recent pep rally, she didn't fall apart and didn't waver in her belief that she did the right thing (and she did). She fights tooth and nail for her kids, both biological and the ones at her school, and woe to anyone who picks on her family. As her daughter said in last night's episode, "She's good in crisis. She's pretty much built for crisis."

Tami Taylor can do it all. Oh, and did I mention she's really hot?


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