Friday, June 04, 2010

Is She a Marilyn, a Jackie, or a Saffron?

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It's always cool to see someone going back to their roots. This is especially true for someone who started off in humble beginnings before making it big. The latest to rep the "still showing you some love" philosophy? The always stunning Christina Hendricks, who got her first big start in a sci-fi show before jumping to the big leagues. (Read: show that wasn't canceled by a stupid network that may or may not rhyme with "sox" after only half a season.)

While the world has come to know and love her, some in more clandestine ways than others, as Joan from AMC's Mad Men, those of us in the geekier trades have always known Hendricks as Saffron/Yolanda/Brigitt, the sorta-wife of Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly. Joan, Sterling-Cooper's resident queen bee of the office girls, is easily one of the highlights of the show and Hendricks' newly-minted star status supports that.

Insert your own joke about "support" here.

In Firefly, Hendricks' recurring character was a con-artist who took on a variety of docile, dormant personalities in order to marry unsuspecting men, only to swindle them out of their money, valuables and presumably self-respect. Not so much a black widow as an old-school femme fatale, she showed her acting chops by playing a variety of manipulative emotional states and yet still managing to be a pretty fully fleshed-out character.

Yes, I'm a dude. Emphasis on "fleshed".

Ms. Hendricks has since left the world of space ships and special effects mostly behind in favor of up-dos and 1960s secretarial pools, but she recently reprised her sci-fi turn in the new music video for Broken Bells' "The Ghost Inside", playing an android girl who makes some hard choices to achieve her dream. Catch the frankly pretty cool and surprisingly emo-free video here (Ed also, below).

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