Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Oh are making me sad :(

Oh Glee. You have brought me such entertainment and giggly moments, but last night’s episode just made me so sad. It is clear that the old Glee is gone. We are left with a Glee that is all about performances and ZERO about plot development. I think the producers/directors/writers missed the boat completely when they analyzed why we all liked the show. The music is great. And last night’s performances were not bad, at all. In fact, the rendition of Another One Bites the Dust was one of my favorites of the year. But the plot HOLES and rollercoasters are so awful it’s hard to not get mad at the show.

[SPOILER ALERT]Let’s start with Jesse and Rachel. First they broke up. Which was ok, Jesse was right to dump her for trying to seem like she had 3 guys at her disposal and their break up rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart was great. Then they get back together with no real explanation. We find out he’s a spy. Then Jesse disappears for a week, and then with no warning or build up dumps Rachel, switches back to his old school and then eggs Rachel? WTF? Do you not have script advisers? Now I am aware that the reason Jesse was not in the episode two weeks ago was because Funk was originally written to go before Theatrically. They decided to reverse the episodes leaving a giant “Where’s Jesse” hole.

Additionally, let’s discuss the disappearing/ reappearing baby bump. As other commenters on this blog have pointed out, the show makes random decisions when Quinn is pregnant. Last night's episode put her at 89 months (no that's not a typo). And consistently Quinn has had no bump in the music numbers until last night. The Funk and bizarro baby bump grinding ballet just made me uncomfy. Are the makers of Glee confused about how a woman slowly get's larger??

Finally, the Sue/ Mr Shu thing made me want to HURL. The very nice friends I watched with had to listen to me scream, cover my eyes, and beg for the scenes to end. It was the most cringe worthy moment on television this year.

The teaser for next week's makes even less sense. On what planet would a regional competition allow a judge to be from a school compeeting. COME ON!

The music overall was musical numbers.

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Jenna said...

I don't always agree with your Glee posts but this one was spot on. I've been complaining about the baby-bump / no-baby-bump inconsistency for ages. And the eggs? Really?