Tuesday, February 19, 2008

News to me...

So, apparently the writer's strike has been over for a week now. Who knew? We here at TV Sluts have had a lot of unrelated-to-television drama in our lives, so I apologize for the delay. Here is an invaluable link: When's My Show Coming Back, Yo?

The highlights -

Aliens in America: Eight pre-strike episodes remain and will air March 2 to March 23 and April 27 to May 18.

Burn Notice: Production on Season 2 expected to get under way in late April. New episodes could start airing as early as July.

Heroes and Pushing Daises: No new episodes expected until fall.

Supernatural: Final pre-strike episode airs Feb. 21. Expected to shoot 4 additional episodes to begin airing on April 24.

Ugly Betty: Expected to shoot 5 new episodes to air in April/May.

You're welcome.

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