Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar! (the grouch)

I love the Oscars. But I love them more in theory than in reality. I would much rather look up the fashions on the internet the next day, read a list of the winner and peruse youtube for the best moments. Because in real life? People forget how boring the Oscars really are.

Aside from one surprise win (Marion Cotillard for Best Actress), everything played out pretty much the way we expected. And while I love Jon Stewart and laughed out loud at many of his quips (including the Gaylord Titler bit), I wasn't blown away. I think he's a great host, but I think he played it a little safe.

I WILL say that him bringing out Marketa Irglova to give her speech after the commercial break was one of the classiest, nicest, best host-like things I have ever seen on an Oscar telecast. I wold feel safe in predicting that Mr. Stewart will make a return to the Academy Awards as a host in the near future.

Tilda Swinton was funny, Steve Carrel was funny, many things were funny, but not much was hilarious or surprising. What I did really enjoy was seeing the clips of past winner and past speeches. It helps put things in perspective. And I totally teared up again when they showed Halle Berry's acceptance speech. I can't help it! It was moving!

As for best dressed? Helen Mirren. AGAIN.

I mean, she just looks amazing. Like I have said before, it's easy to look hot when you are 28 and have a perfect body and a stylist, but this woman is in her 60s, and still looks GORGEOUS.

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