Thursday, January 29, 2015

Quick and Dirty

I've been trying out a lot of random shows lately with varying results. Let's try something new where I just shout out my initial thoughts about this motley collection.

Backstrom:Dwight from The Office tries to be House. He's not House. I lasted all of two minutes before I was offended by this excremental show. 


Call the Midwife: BIRTH CONTROL. Seriously, you will not let any man near your lady parts after watching this show.  


Glee: It's the Final Season! They're all back at McKinley! Who cares?!


Grantchester: He's a hot vicar who solves murders. Too bad it's totally boring.


Z Nation: Still way better and more fun than The Walking Dead


Black Sails: Completely nonsensical and impossible to follow.

And finally....

Marco Polo: Everyone is more interesting than the main character, but at least he's cute. Oh, and the show is actually pretty good if you're into thirteenth century Mongol politics. AND WHO ISN'T.

Maggie Cats OUT.

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