Monday, May 13, 2013

A Game of Gifs

Here's a new guest post from a long-time friend of mine...let's call him Outgoing Pete. Because his name is Pete and he is outgoing. See how that works? Anyway, Pete likes Game of Thrones and gifs. So he has scoured the internet to bring you some the best. Enjoy!

My feelings about Mondays are simple.

But not during Game of Thrones season. You see, Monday is the day when the internet blooms with all the tasty goodies from Sunday Night television. And the best of the best, the choicest of the choice are far and away the Game of Thrones gifs. (quasi spoilers below).

Take for example this gif from season 1.

Magnificent. Look how it captures the scolding look from Tyrion. I'd swear there are actually daggers emanating from his eyes. Look at the weakness that Joffrey expresses after being slapped. There are so many details, you can't hope to get it all in real time. And like fine wine it gets better with age. I love watching this more then when it first hit teh interwebs.

 Here is another great example from this season. A mashup of GoT with the mic drop meme.

No comment necessary. See this is what makes Game of Thrones gifs the best. The show evokes a visceral reaction, and so do these gifs. I mean maybe I get some loathing from Mad Men, but that's about it. But in the spirit of competition I must admit that Mad Men has its moments.

 Bam! You tell him Joan. (Joan is the best of all time -- Maggie Cats)

Still in the category of "gifs where people just say their lines" Game of Thrones still reigns supreme. And that is how I get through Monday.

ps: And as far as the pronunciation of gif goes. "it's gif, not gif, that's peanut butter man."

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