Monday, March 26, 2012

TV + Judging People = WIN

If you want to watch/judge some zany people (without some of the squick factor of Nat Geo's Taboo), then pull up a chair for TLC's My Crazy Obsession. The show premeired this month, and it is everything you could possibly want from a reality television show about the freakishly obsessed.

Oh... you didn't order the reality TV, extra weird, light on the sanity? 
Sorry, I'll just take this back to the kitchen. 

Lest you all think I'm casting stones from inside my glass house, these people far outshine me, even at my geekiest. No matter how much Harry Potter memorbilia I own and no matter how many times I dress up like a character from Star Trek, I will never devote the time, energy, and intensity that these people do. The retired couple in the picture above have spent most of their money on two climate-controlled storage facilities for their cabbage patch dolls, while they live in a mobile home. A. Mobile. Home. 

At the end of the day, however, it's their business. A recurring theme is for someone to say, "Well, I may be obsessed with collecting love dolls/the color pink/dressing like a 1950's houswife... but it's not hurting anyone." And... yeah, it's not. It's not like Jersey Shore or any of those type of reality shows, where you watch idiots curse at innocent bystanders for half an hour and feel vaguely dirty afterward. These "crazy obsessed" people keep to their crazy to themselves. Maybe that makes them saner than us all...

Hm... Maybe not.

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Scienter said...

Taboo is strangely fascinating. Have you seen the episode about the woman who is in love with the Berlin Wall? I might have to give the TLC show a shot. :P