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Guest blog from Mac Attack!

GCB isn't short for anything, but since ABC apparently isn't allowed anything approaching a racy title, I'll let you know that it's apparently based on a book called Good Christian Bitches. One of the main characters is played by is Kristin Chenoweth.

There's probably other people, too.
Plot? What plot? The two twists this show tries to throw at you can be heard coming around the corner a mile away. Do not expect this show to replace Lost. This show was designed to be a guilty pleasure. Visual gags, situational comedy, coincidence of Shakespearean proportions. But the real drive of the show is the one-liners. Their trademark, as the name might imply, appears to be snarky digs between rich white women. There were a few lines that had me laugh loudly enough I had to stop it and go back.
The entire show is preposterous, and if you're expecting something that makes sense you're out of luck. Characters are overblown, circumstances are ridiculous, the entire thing is a soap opera on nitrous oxide. If you want a tension-filled dramatic plot with complicated villains, mysteries to solve and back story to reveal, keep moving. If you just want to feel superior to a massive dysfunctional group of Texans, pull up a chair, fire up Hulu, and warn your neighbors that they will hear you laughing.
There seems to be some concern among the populace that the show paints Christians in a poor light. Honestly, I think the show somewhat skims over that. It can be a very touchy subject for people in either direction and I'm sure it could be used as a point of contention, but from an objective standpoint Church really is just another set, and Christianity is just another personality quirk like all the others.

Of course she sings, it's Kristin Chenoweth. 
But you have to wait for the end of the first episode. 
SPOILER: Worth it.

Wait, I have to at least mention the plot? Fine. Remember the part of Hope Floats where Sandra Bullock is at the mercy of that girl she was mean to in high school, then she apologizes, they all act like grown-ups and move on? It's that, except instead of five minutes in a movie, it's an entire TV series.
GCB airs Sundays at 10pm on ABC.

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