Friday, March 02, 2012

News-y Update: Oh Hell Yes Edition

Oh Holy Woah, you guys - breaking news from Entertainment Weekly (yeah, yeah, yeah - I know) is that when American Horror Story returns in the fall for its second season, your favorite component and mine will be returning with it - Jessica Lange is set to star in season two.


Though she won't be returning as Constance, which is honestly something of a miniature tragedy, it looks like Lange will be the primary star of the second season. Rather than competing for top billing with Dylan McDermott and Connie Britton, she looks to be carrying the show. Frankly, given Lange's acting chops, freshly awarded Golden Globe and willingness to create a truly memorable character regardless of whether or not people loved her, is reason enough to be excited about this for me. I'm very eager to see what kind of character they give her to play, especially since she's apparently been a significant factor in shaping the character herself.

Details about season two are still extremely shrouded; As previously mentioned, the story will be different from season one featuring new characters; It will definitely take place on the east coast and three other actors from season one will also be returning, although no word yet on who those actors are.

More details to come, but for my money this is definitely good news.

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Maggie Cats said...

The more I hear about season 2 the more I am perplexed. Some of the same actors but different characters (maybe?). New haunting on the East Coast (maybe)? It seems more like Ryan Murphy has created his own little horror acting troupe at college and each semester they put on a new self-written set of one act plays. But as long as it is as crack-fabulous as season 1, I'm in.