Wednesday, November 04, 2009

V for adequacy

Last night marked the premier of V. I think maggiecats blogged on it after comi con but i wanted to throw my two sense in. The show was meh. I never watched the 80s version so I had no preconceived notion on how the show should be. For those of you who don't know V is about alien "Visitors"' arriving to Earth. They appear all nice and sweet asking for water in exchange for technology. But we quickly realize they are not all smiles. All the critics out there are slamming the show because the Americans burst into applause when the aliens said they were "of peace." It was slightly ridiculous, but I think they were just excited aliens practically said "We come in peace." I would clap for that.

It was nice to see the return of some of our Sci Fi favorite actors. First Juliet was ok as an FBI agent who comes across a sleep cell of the "bad" visitors. Of course her name is actually, Elizabeth Mitchell, but who doesn't know her from Lost. I was happy to see that the lead male was the agent from the 4400, Joel Gretsch. The 4400 was USA's Xmen style show, which was canceled mid plot (and left me sad and mad). In fact, the writer on V was also on 4400. I see that as promising, but I understand why others are concerned. I love how they threw in Scott Wolfe to "bring in the ladies." LOL! This is not the early 90s, he doesn't "do it" for anyone anymore.

I don't think this show will have the buzz ABC was counting on. However, I think I will still tune in next week. Catch in on and make your own judgment.

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Maggie Cats said...

Yeah, I actually really liked it. I thought it hinted at how the V are not as nice as they seem to be really well, and the acting was good across the board. Plus, you gotta love the Firefly alums.

Good call on Scott Wolfe. What the heck is that about?