Monday, November 09, 2009

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

I had high hopes for Battlestar Galactica's The Plan. I was really hoping it would explain what the hell the The Plan was. I mean I get that the final five cylons were kind of sort of the first five cylons who traveled from Earth to the colonies and created the other cylons who eventually conceived the plan to destroy all humanity blah blah blippidy blah.

But what the crap was the actual plan?

Alas, after watching the The Plan I am still confused and will have to visit the Battlestar Wiki to get the full answers. Because, to paraphrase Jeff, "it's not The Plan. It's more of How the Plan Completely Fell Apart."

If you want a well-acted, well-written companion piece to the BSG series, then The Plan is for you. It chronicles the destruction of the 12 colonies from the cylon point-of-view, and also shows how their entire well thought-out plan to destroy humanity went to shit about 10 seconds after the nukes fell due to the survival of the Galactica and her crew.

But that's not really what I wanted. I mean, it was interesting, and like I said, really well done. But I wanted to start on Earth, to see Ellen and the other final five come up with you know, THE PLAN. To learn what was up with Daniel, the first boxed cylon, to see how the final five created the others, and how (and why) they integrated themselves into humanity.

While The Plan answered some questions, it didn't answer the really important ones. I guess now we're left asking, will we ever get answers to those questions? Is this some brilliant ploy on the part of Ron Moore to keep the fandom begging for more movies? And who the crap did Dean Stockwell have to bribe to get himself so many scenes where he makes out with hot cylon chicks?

Seriously? That guy and this girl? No effing way, yo.

Final thought: if you're a BSG fan, check out The Plan. But don't expect it to actually explain The Plan. Think of it as a fun little post script to one of the finest dramas ever and you won't be disappointed. But if you expect to live up to its title, then I'm afraid you're bound to be let down.

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