Sunday, August 02, 2009

Torchwood: Children of the Earth

I now take a brief break from the Comic Con write-ups to bring you this review of the recent miniseries/season of Torchwood.


That pretty much sums it up. I haven't been the biggest fan of Torchwood, I pretty much hated the first season and tolerated the second, but this miniseries was really great. There were some shocking surprises (SPOILER ALERT) like the deaths of Ianto and Jack's grandson, Simon, but it was extremely tense, scary, and full of twists and turns.

It's nice to be reminded of what Russell T. Davies is capable of when he goes balls out and doesn't give us any sparkly Doctor Jesus crap, and the acting was really stepped up this go around, especially from John Barrowman and some of the supporting players.

If you haven't checked it out yet, I suggest you get the DVD, since it's definitely worth the price of admission. I'm not sure where they can go from here, but I am all about finding out.

AHHHHH! Creepy children!

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