Sunday, August 23, 2009

He's back!

Jeesh, I go away for work for one week at the end of summer thinking I wouldn't be missing anything...and holy puckered hems, Batman! I miss out on the premieres of Mad Men and Project Runway! And when I say miss, I mean MISS, since my lame-o hotel didn't have Lifetime or AMC. I mean, really. Although the free happy hour every night made up for it. Almost.

Anyway, despite forgetting to set my DVR for Project Runway (d'oh!), a quick call to mom confirmed that she could record it for me and on this past very rainy Saturday afternoon we settled in to watch the Season 6 premiere of PR.

I know everyone has pretty much already said it, but I couldn't really tell a change with the show at all, even with the move to Los Angeles. Sure the workroom was a little different, and the designers have new digs....but you have the same whackadoodle designers, the usual tough, bitchy, and in the case of Michael Kors, orange, judges, and of course. The Silver Fox.

All is right with the world now, chickadees. Tim is here.

Oh, Tim Gunn! I hadn't even realized how much I had missed you until you walked onto the tv screen and back into my heart. You're impeccably groomed, always well-spoken, and when you furrowed your brow and considered the first (of many) heinous garments, I wanted to cheer.

It's just nice to see the return of a competitive reality show that requires genuine talent, creativity, skill, and celebrates things that are lovely. And of course it gives me an excuse to visit the boys over at T.Lo (formerly Project Rungay) as they rip on the runway.

So do I have any early picks for the winners? Eh, it's really too early to tell. Nobody really stood out for me so always takes a few weeks for me to get a good idea of what's going on, but I agree with the judges that Ra'mon could be great if he moves just a little outside the box. And I thought Christopher definitely deserved the win.

In the meantime, they're back, bitches! Let's just sit back and enjoy the drama, pretty clothes, and general catiness. Bring it!

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