Monday, June 22, 2009

In Plain Sight

The summer can be boring. And let me tell you television goes down in caliber. And this year between Entourage seasons and reality drivel I have been entertaining myself on Sunday nights with USA's "In Plain Sight." Initially I was reluctant to begin watching this show, the commercials were blah and I didn't have the energy to commit to yet another program. However,I couldn't resist trying out the new show after the Law and Order CI time slot.

First of all, the show is good. The characters are well rounded. The main character, Mary (played by Mary McCormick) has got a lot of depth and you can really feel her inner turmoil. She is a US Marshall helping place witnesses into protection in Albuquerque. Each episode has elements of the US Marshall service mixed with details of Mary's social life. She has a mom who is a drunk, a sister who is a drug dealer, and a HOT baseball playing bf.

Each character is interesting. Fred Weller who plays Mary's partner Marshall Marshall (yes punny huh). Adds some much needed comedy show. Their partnerships, as is most male female partnerships on television, is up and down and mixed with comedy and sexual innuendos. As a huge West Wing fan, I was happy to see Joshua Malina (Will Bailey) and Richard Schiff (Toby) show up this season.

I don't think during the regular line up in the fall I would watch this show, and in fact, I doubt I would have noticed it. However, during a blah television summer it fills an ever growing void.


Maggie Cats said...

I have just never gotten into any of these summer shows: The Closer, Psych, Monk, Burn Notice, Saving Grace, and on and on and on. They're just not my thing. I do appreciate how there seem to be a lot more female leads on television right now though. Especially older female leads. And now there's Hawthorne coming down the pike...

Monkey Sri said...

Hawthorne, RN? I'm kind of "meh" about that show. From the previews, the protagonist comes off as a nurse trying to pretend to be a doctor (Disclaimer: This is one blogger's opinion, which may have no basis in the truth). Which to me ignores the essential differences in the professions - like nurses can only be a "great" nurses if they step outside of their actual roles. But I haven't seen the show, so I will reserve judgment.