Monday, June 01, 2009

Does anyone watch the MTV Movie Awards live anymore? Or more importantly, do the MTV Movie Awards represent anything more than a 3 hour commercial for upcoming movies? Answers: no and no.*

So, confession time. I did not watch the MTV Movie Awards. Shocker! But then again, I'm not really their target demographic anymore. I'm a girl, yes, but I am not 14 years old. But even though I missed the show, after reading about the best and worst moments on, I decided to check out some of the clips on

While I probably could have skipped seeing Sacha Baron Cohen smash his genitals into Eminem's face, I had to see the New Moon trailer and the Harry Potter preview. Oh, and check out the clip for best kiss. It's pretty hot.

*Ok, so I took a little artistic license. The awards show actually had it's best ratings in the last 5 years....most likely due to all those tween Twilight fans. Never underestimate the power of the tweens!

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