Thursday, May 21, 2009

In other retcon news...

SPOILER ALERT: This post contains plot details from the season finale of Bones.


The season finale of Bones came off like alternate-universe fan fiction - amazingly good fan fiction, but still. It opens with a huge fan service for all us Booth/Brennan shippers - the two principles obviously in a loving relationship, jumping right into bed. Then you realize, Booth and Brennan have been recast as the married owners of a nightclub called The Lab.

How cute is John Francis Daley?

Angela, Zack, and the rest of the "squinterns" play employees at the club - with the exception of Clark Edison, who plays a rapper who wants to debut at The Lab, and Arastoo Vaziri, who plays a Persian businessman interested in buying B&B out. Sweets is the bartender/budding musical talent. Caroline plays, surprise surprise, the nightclub's attorney. Cam and Jared play cops, investigating a murder that had taken place on the premises, and Max Brennan plays a corrupt councilman trying to blackmail B&B. Randomly, Angela's ex-husband Grayson Barasa shows up as Clark's gangsta brother. Finally, Hodgins provides the narrative voice as a booze hound crime writer.

Best Line goes to Mr. Nigel-Murray:
"I’m not going to fare well in jail... I'm lovely."

You'll spend about 30 seconds going, "the hell?" And then you just go with it. It's a fun ride, with lots of great lines. After the serious revelation of Booth's brain tumor in last week's episode, it was a relief just to be silly with these characters for a while. Wait a minute ... OMG brain tumor!

Well played, Bones. Well played.

Yes, it all turned out to be Booth's coma dream. Or is it? Right at the end, Hodgin's narration switches to Brennan's voice, and we see her typing by Booth's beside. She deletes the story just as he wakes up mumbling, "it was so real!" *sniff, sniff* And now, just to make me feel better, here is some gratuitous cuddling.


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