Saturday, May 02, 2009

When your ratings are down...add Jeff Goldblum

Sunday marked the first episode of the show including our quirky detective. Bloggers around the tvsphere wrote diligently months ago that Goldblum was the reason for the massive delay in releasing the latest Law and Order episodes. Apparently, he wanted the final say on all of his episodes.

I wanted Goldblum to suck. Really badly in fact, however, not so much. Granted he is no Goren, a love I will never quite understand, but he held his own. Julianne Nicholson (Wheeler) has stayed on as the fourth detective on the show. The opening credits photos were entertaining because they were all Jeff Goldblum and none of her.

I doubt the add a detective will help, especially since Jeff himself failed so miserably on NBC with his bomb Raines (despite awesome production assisting). Hopefully, Vincent will carry the show enough to keep it on USA another season.

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