Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The real villain is Sendhil's hairstylist

This post contains NO spoilers.


How cute was the Heroes: Villains season premiere last night? I loved the televised pre-party with the cast - the character clips were good refreshers, and the special effect stuff was pretty darn cool. They even managed to get me interested in the staggering amount of web-based content for the show. It was like the creative team got together after the disasters of last season and said, "Okay, our bad. How can we make it up to you?" The answer, as usual, was MOAR MASI!

He led the crowd in a group, "Yatta!" Adorable.

I did get a bit worried when people kept saying, "you don't need to know everything to enjoy this season." Um, hello? Isn't that what got us into this mess in the first place? I don't want to go through world-building again. You did a great job in the first season. You mucked it up in the second season, trying to reinvent everything and fix what wasn't broken. Let's just move on.

But I was pleasantly surprised (I won't bother to recap, because I'm sure the blogosphere exploded with theories approximately five seconds into the actual episode). We jumped right into the action, got to see most of the main characters, and met a few new characters to boot. Consider this fangirl back on the Heroes bandwagon.

The one disappointment - Mohinder switched from hair gel to shellac.
Seriously, WTF?


Liz said...

haha, i totally was going to tell you about how mohinder totally got even sexier. but boy, it's a good thing he's pretty, because for a scientist he sure doesn't think things through!

Monkey Sri said...

LMAO! So true. So very, very true.