Friday, September 12, 2008

The WB is officially Back

Some of you may remember my earlier block about the beta of Well, its been up now for two weeks or so. When I first got the email that it was officially back, I went there right away. It's not quite what I expected but it is so nice. I won't go into all the ins-and-outs of web design. The site is easy to navigate. What really mattered to me, and probably to you, is the shows. Let's face it, the number of shows and the eps for each of those shows were on the lite side during the beta. I'm happy to see that's no longer the case here.

All my favs are here: Angel, Buffy, B5, Firefly, Friends, Smallville and Veronica. If I did not already own all these on DVD then this is where to see them. And of course The OC, Gilmore and Everwood. I had been on an OC kick this summer, waiting for Chuck to return and I get a taste of Gilmore every now-and-then so I was really excited to re-watch Everwood. And am I glad I did.

There's something quite enduring and charming abuot this show. I am almost ashamed because its almost wholesome and I'm afraid I'll never be allowed to blog here again for liking it! At the heart of the show is the father-son relationship and I've never seen it better. Greg Berlanti knows what he's doing. I didn't really know his name until this show. I was vaguely aware he was on Dawson's Creek (I now know he wrote some of my fav eps of that show), and I'm glad I know the name now (Eli Stone anyone?). So far I've only been able to see 6 or 7 of the season 1 eps. They seem to progress through, adding new eps and taking older ones away (there are some season 4 eps up, so I have yet to figure out the rhyme or reason of this site), but I heartily recommend checking it out now. I am probably more eager to get to season 2 - since right now only season 1 is available on DVD (so I could Netlfix if I really wanted).

Time to check out what else The WB has to offer. Oh, and I should get around to watching Fringe shouldn't I?

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Maggie Cats said...

I've heard really good things about Everwood for a long time. I really need to catch up on that and The Wire!