Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Truth Univesally Acknowledged...

It is a truth universally acknowledged that young ladies in possession of a good mind must be in want of Jane Austen adaptations. Just look at how many women have watched and rewatched and REWATCHED BBC's Pride and Prejudice. I mean, sure Colin Firth is totally hot, but you've also got the costumes! The witty conversations! The ridiculous parents! The awesomeness of Lizzy!

This blog is not the time or place to dissect why modern women are still so attached to the trials and tribulations of Austen's heroines, but it is the place to mention that Masterpiece Theatre has embarked on The Complete Jane Austen. For the next several weeks they are going through Austen's complete works and showing movie versions of her books.

So far the results have been hit (Northanger Abbey) or miss (Persuasion). According to our friends' across the pond who have already seen it, Sunday's Mansfield Park is probably going to land on the miss side of the spectrum. But this seems to be mostly due to the perceived miscasting of Billie Piper (from Doctor Who) as Fanny. I'm reserving judgment, but in my mind, even lame Austen is better than no Austen at all.

But, PBS? You know I love the host for these shows, Gillian Anderson. But get that girl some personality, STAT. Also? The intros you have her reading are lame. So fix that, and we'll be straight.


Monkey Sri said...

Speaking of Austen adaptations, have you seen Emma Thompson's Sense and Sensibility? Kristin and I watched (the first time for me, the eleventy-billionth time for her) not too long ago - LOVED IT.

Maggie Cats said...

That was one of the first Austen movies I ever saw...way back when. It's also when I realized Kate Winslet was going to be a star. LOVE. HER.