Tuesday, January 08, 2008

2007 Top Ten, redux

Well, I'm clearly late to this game, as both Maggie Cats and Monkey Sri have lapped me on the whole "Best of 2007" thing. And, as you may have noted, it is no longer actually 2007. That's not gonna stop me, though, folks! I'm slow, I'm slack, and I've been woefully absent, but I am here for you in the '08. To wit, behold the Official Dissident1L Best O' 2007:

10. Reaper. The pilot was just pitch-perfect; I don't know how much of that was attributable to Kevin Smith's "association" with the show, but after the first episode, Reaper nearly dropped off my radar. The plots stagnated; the characters got stuck in the same mildly entertaining schtick. But I've got to hand it to the PTB; somebody listened to my prayers, and the writers jettisoned the lame-ass "who's the evil soul?" song and dance and finally pulled their tunnel vision off the boring Andi/Sam "relationship." It took a long time to hit its stride, but Reaper was finally delivering on the promise of its pilot. I hope the strike doesn't erase its chances to prove it can sustain.

9. Heroes. Lucky for Kring & Co., I'm considering new episodes airing in all of 2007. It's refreshing to know that Tim got the memo re: the Wondertwins and the deadening suck of Hiro in Japan. Because, my god. That shit almost moved you down to #10, heroes. But I just can't quite turn my back on this show. It's just too gorgeous, too sweeping, too colorful, too sprawling, too big. It's a great big flying circus of a show, and here's hoping Season Three sets it back on the straight and narrow.

8. Moonlight. I've already told y'all of my deep and abiding love for Jason Dohring. And I clearly have a weakness for vampires. This may explain most of my love for this show, honestly. It sure ain't the acting skillz Alex O'Wassname (TM Annie) brings to the game, or the crack dialogue, or the Misunderstood DA Boyfriend. Maybe it's the way Sophia Miles squares her shoulders and just wades in, or the is-she-isn't-she back and forth of Morgaline's cure/not a cure. ...Or, hell, who am I kidding. It's Jason Dohring. He's that good, y'all. Seriously.

7. Supernatural. Sam + Dean + blood & guts + scary monsters = win.

6. The Office. Look, I watched Meet the Parents through my fingers. This ain't my thing. I hate watching people in uncomfortable situations. And yet, I got so hooked on The Office I made Joe watch half a season with me in a single day, because I couldn't bear not knowing, not being there. I've never even had a particularly terrible office job such as Dunder-Mifflin (although my last boss was a study in How Not To Treat Other Humans), but something about the show just clicks with me. It's not even just Pam and Jim -- the whole thing just cracks my shit up. The moments barely heard under the pillow are worth it for the LOLZ.

5. Project Runway. I worried for this show in S.3; the designers ran the gamut from boring and derivative to openly hostile. The challenges didn't do it for me, and I hated every minute of that goddamn neck tattoo. But! Season Four looks to be a return to form, with likeable, talented designers who seem genuinely willing to help one another out and have established a camaraderie in the workroom that was sorely missed the list time around. Plus, Chris March is back! Love him, love Kit, love Sweet P, love this show.

4. Doctor Who. Hrm. A tall, tousled, gorgeous doctor with hipster glasses and Chucks to match his slim-cut suits. Can't imagine what I'd like about that...

3. Chuck. Again with the tall, geeky, and gorgeous. Beyond that, though, Chuck takes a random conglomeration of seemingly tired, traditional elements -- lame sidekick, slacker-yet-scary boss at the big-box store, hot Asian computer chick, orphaned siblings, rampant punny banter, tiny droplets of action and suspense -- and manages to cook up something rather more than the sum of its individually-awesome parts. Which reminds me! Two words: Captain Awesome. Oh, and two more: Adam Baldwin.

2. Gossip Girl. I would kill for Blake Lively's hair. Seriously, watch it for the shoe porn alone. I haven't read the books, and god knows I am no friend to the voiceover, but somehow, here, it works. This show is a ridiculously over-the-top, lavish, lascivious, succulent, saturated romp. Cotton candy laced with cognac. LOVE.

1. Veronica Mars. Y'all, this is quite simply the best show of 2007, and handily makes my Top Five TV Shows Of All Time. Sharp, witty writing; believable, heartbreaking, ambiguous characters; and some of the best acting the small screen has ever hosted. Veronica sticks with you, and it's not just the casually tossed-off one-liners. It's not even Jason Dohring. (Well, not just.) The story, the pacing, the mystery, the heart of this show are simply unparalleled. Brava, V. You are missed.

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