Thursday, July 26, 2012

American Horror Story News Round-up

Okay, you guys – I’ve been trying to hold back on all the updates to season 2 of American Horror Story that have been slowly leaking out over the summer, but given the news today I felt like it sort of warranted an item. Creator Ryan Murphy “let slip” that season two will be ghost-free.

While I certainly don’t think you need ghosts in order to make a scary story and since there’s really very little creepier than Hollywood’s vision of what mental health looked like fifty years ago, I don’t suppose this is a make-or-break detail for fans of the show. That said, I think we can all agree that a ghost-less American Horror Story is deserving of a hearty, “WTF?”

Of course, that response could just be par for the course. Good to know that season two is starting us grabbing our heads in confusion early on.

I guess they're hoping the 3D will make the crazy come at you in a more realistic fashion?

For the record, here’s a round-up of other spoiler-lite info about the upcoming season:
  • Jessica Lange is returning and will playing a nun, a far cry from her first season character.
  • Returning cast members include Evan Peters (Tate), Lily Rabe (Lady MacBeth), Sarah Paulson (mystery psychic) and Zachary Quinto.  Details are very quiet, except that they all will be playing parts very different from their previous roles.
  • The setting is an insane asylum in the 1960s somewhere on the east coast.  
  • Chloe Sevigny (Big Love), Clea Duvall (Heroes) and James Cromwell (Babe) will be joining the cast.  
  • Maroon Five frontman and all around ego-hound Adam Levine is set to play one half of a pair only referred to as “The Lovers”
No word yet as to whether or not we’ll get to see more cry-masturbating (don’t worry, that link is safe), but fingers crossed! The new season begins in October on FX. And if you my recaps of season one were alternately not good enough or so good they made you want more, you can buy the first season starting on September 25.

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Maggie Cats said...


You know what? I'm hooked. I'm sorry, but the fact that they are embrace the full on crazy with this show...I just respect that, you know? I want it to be as batshit as possible and I will LOVE IT.

No ghosts? I think that's actually smart considering the ghost-heavy first season. But they didn't say no supernatural maybe we'll have demons?