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Recapping AHS: Everyone Loves a Fluffer

And we’re back, with more American Horror Story! Our teaser begins with the requisite flashback, this time to 2010 where we meet the two gay men who used to own the house, one of whom is the newly gay Spock (Zachary Quinto, not Leonard Nimoy) fully embracing his new role both on film and in life. The lovers are preparing for a Halloween party and argue nastily with each other. Apparently Ben isn’t the only one who has a hard time being faithful – Spock’s partner, Mr. Spock, has a thing for fellows at the gym. After what has got to be the longest lovers quarrel over pumpkins ever committed to film, Mr. Spock remembers how the two of them wanted to start a family. Babies are definitely becoming a theme on this show. Spock is left preparing for the party when the gimp appears. Despite mistaking this as an attempt for some kinky make-up sex, Spock is drowned by the gimp in the “dunking station” with the apples. Cue creepy theme music!

"The gay episode airs when? Hrm, maybe I should make an announcement before then..."

Act I! Vivien and Ben’s realtor says they need a fluffer to sell the house. The pun is clearly intentional, because characters are going to say this word about 10 more times throughout this episode. Ben says the fluffer will have his work cut out for him, since the house was egged last night. We see that the culprits are the dead 70s twins from the pilot. Kinda lame thing for ghosts to do, honestly. Elsewhere, Addie says she wants to dress up for Halloween as a “pretty girl”, but Constance says she can be Snoopy. Tate gives Ben an alibi for why he was in the house the night of the home invasion, conveniently leaving out all the demon-summoning he was doing. Ben agrees to keep the show’s plot moving along by still seeing Tate as a client as long as it’s not in the house. Yup, sounds professional. Though, clearly, this is not the last bad decision that Ben is going to make. Meanwhile, OldMoira is carving pumpkins and asks for Halloween off so she can go visit her mother. Viv’s greets the newly-arrived fluffers and OMG you guys it’s TOTALLY Spock and Mr. Spock, looking alive and hale again!

Act II! The fluffers are still bickering in death as they debate how to get the house ready for sellers, agreeing that the gazebo has got to go. They both taunt Ben about whether he built it himself. Ben nervously cuts his finger and Mr. Spock offers to treat it for him. They go to the bathroom where Mr. Spock’s wandering hands try to get into Ben’s pants. Man, everyone’s after Ben, aren’t they? Upstairs, Addie hides under Violet’s bed and jumps out asking if Violet will make her over. Addie, now prettified, goes back home and argues with Constance over her new, more adult appearance. Constance is not a fan of this and it all turns directly into the Tennesse Williams drama hour. Back in the house, Violet is attacked by the gimp in the basement! Kidding, it’s just Tate in the costume. Tate expositions about the origins of the house – turns out one of the girls in the 20s who sought out Dr. Montgomery the abortionist for his services had a boyfriend who wasn’t so pleased. The BF stole the Montgomery’s baby son, killed him, called the family to taunt them and then mailed the baby back to them in mason jars because the CALL WAS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE! Seriously, this was gross. But not as gross as Dr. Montgomery deciding to try to rebuild (yes, you read that right) his son by sewing the baby parts back together and adding some animal bits as well. Tate says the MonsterBaby still lives in the basement, which explains a bit. Also, still gross.

Act III! Ben is unburdening himself on Tate. Between this and the patient who killed herself last week, Ben is the worse therapist ever. That night, Constance sitcoms herself by realizing the error of her argument with Addie about letting her trick-or-treat as a “pretty girl” and gets her a full face mask of a super model. This is both touching and really, really creepy because the mask is an uncanny-valley kind of horrifying. Ben and Vivien dress as vampires (not the sparkly kind) and Vivien confronts Ben about the mistress, having gone through Ben’s cell phone bill at Spock’s earlier suggestion. “Hayden is over,” he says immediately, natch, before Ben’s cell phone goes off and it’s Hayden calling. Spock interrupts by going all Tim Gunn on Vivien’s costume. Man, Zachary Quinto just came blitzing out of that closet, didn’t he? The “dunking station” is back, sending Spock and Mr. Spock into a fit, as they both see the gimp lurking in a shadow behind everyone. All the excitement gives Vivien stomach cramps. Ben and Vivien rush to the hospital leaving Violet alone in the house.

Should end well.

Act IV! Violet reads manga and ignores the trick-or-treaters, unaware the gimp is watching her. The American Eagle bullies are back trick-or-treating as slutty somethingorothers and mock Addie in her “pretty girl” outfit. Addie runs after them, right into the middle of the road where she promptly gets hit by a car. Like, hard. Honestly didn’t see that coming. EMTs try to treat Addie, but Constance, appearing honestly distraught and horrified, pushes them off, insisting that all they need to do is get Addie onto the lawn in front of the house. She drags Addie there herself, sobbing all the way. Doesn’t seem to do the trick, though, as Addie is still and unmoving even on the lawn. This is actually a really gut-wrenching scene and I’m really intrigued to see what they do with this development. At the hospital, Ben and Vivien talk to the doctor who is doing an ultrasound and tells them that the baby is…… and then she faints. Fainting is also becoming a thing in this show. Elsewhere, OldMoira is in a depressing nursing home with a very old woman hooked up to a respirator. OldMoira, crying, stops the respirator on Mother. While this is obviously an act of mercy, it still looks a lot like murder until the old woman appears behind OldMoira saying, “Come with me”, and Moira sobs, “I can’t.” Again, Constance and Moira prove themselves to be the most interesting and compelling characters here. Ben and Vivien arrive home later to find Violet missing, but the dead mistress standing at the front door, grinning. Spooky! Part 2 of this story airs next week.

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