Wednesday, June 01, 2011

It's back!

The other day I was randomly flipping channels, and I discovered something interesting. First, that there is NOTHING good to watch at 3:00 in the afternoon, and second, that there are like 10 channels of VH1.

Remember VH1? It was like MTV for the older crowd. For those who couldn't handle Beastie Boys and the constant screaming teenagers. Also, it had Behind the Music which was like the most melodramatic show ever and was good for hours of entertainment. Especially when they tried to convince me that Ricky Martin was straight by going on and on about his former relationship with this woman and how he would always have feelings for her. Nice try, Behind the Music. You can't fool me! No man who shakes his bon bon like that is straight.

ANYWAY, there I was flipping channels, and I landed on VH1-23 or something and lo and behold! They were showing Pop Up Video! I was obsessed with that show when it initially aired; I loved all the little behind the scenes nuggets (which I was never really convinced were true) and the wry sense of humor of the bubbles. Also the little noise the bubbles made when they popped up. I thought it was cute.

And guess what? Pop Up Video is coming back! I have to admit, this news left me positively giddy which is probably an over-reaction, but who cares? I cannot WAIT for them to tackle some Gaga videos. And apparently they are also doing some hip hop videos. But wait. Do people who watch VH1 even watch hip hop videos? Well, they will now. Now if they will only run another I Love the 80s marathon....

Tell me more! But let's pick a less creepy song...

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