Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Double Dose of Summer Song Competitions

The age of the summer hiatus from new television has ended. With the influx of all things "reality" the summer is a perfect time to start a new hit show. This summer I have permitted two new reality shows into my world. Keep in mind, with reality shows I am always picky. I only begin watching based on word of mouth and only continue watching if they are spectacular! That being said, I have nothing but great things to say about the two summer song competitions I have fallen in love with.

The first is The Glee Project, airing on Oxygen. For those of you who have fallen my ever increasing disdain for Glee, you may be slightly surprised by this. However, the Glee Project personifies all the things I fell in love with Glee in the first place. This show is a singing/ performing competition to win a guest spot on glee. Each episode the kids perform in a team music video. The producer of the show (and glee) choose with the vocal producer and the choreographer who is not performing well and select a bottom three. The bottom three then perform for Ryan Murphy (executive producer for glee) and he chooses one to "not call back." I like this show because its about the music, but also honest in the way Murphy says "I can write for you" or "I just don't see a character coming from you." The kids appear VERY real, and not trained broadway or theatre or even movie actors. Each also REALLY has a personality.

Additionally, I have fallen for Platinum Hit on Bravo. Yet another in the series of cookie cutter reality shows Bravo has released, Platinum Hit is a song writing competition. To be honest, the songs are good and these writers are talented. Two weeks ago I loved a song soo much I downloaded it off of itunes and have been singing it since. It is interesting because the songwriters are decent performers too. It's actually really interesting to watch the creative process of the song. The only week point for me is Jewel, and though I know other people adore her, she seems just so Blah as a host.

I strongly suggest filling you summer void with these two hits!

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